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MEAT BY EUROFOODS was born in the light and cost-effective way of our company
,the merits of our operating model and Tommi's know-how in Premium meats.
We offer meat directly from the world's most famous meat producers
for restaurants without intermediaries.


Our selection includes Premium level meat
for dinner restaurants and lunch canteens. A large part of our customers
are lunch canteens and catering services. Our operating model:
We offer the best meat in the world on merit

Raw Beef Steak

Where from?

The meat we offer is always the best that can be found in the world. The country of origin of the meat varies, it is either the United States, Australia, Japan or Finland.

We want to offer our customers only the best without focusing on the country of origin of the meat or other irrelevant things.

Tommi Lillrank

Tommi Lillrank, Premium meat specialist with a capital A. Tommi has worked with Premium meats for over 10 years. He has been involved in bringing the first Kobe meats to Finland. Tommi has also been
as a partner in the food wholesaler he founded, Bergfalk (now Johan i Hallen), which supplies top-class ingredients to restaurants.

Contact us and we will arrange a meeting in your kitchen. We are known for always bringing

delicious treats to get-togethers!

Tommi Lillrank

+358 (0)45 2705 510


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